First view this sample video I created in Voicethread. I completed my sample using the Olmecs and the Maya so you could get the idea of what you were suppose to do.

Day 3 and 4: (see Assessments for rubrics)
Create an account on VoiceThread.
1. Learn how to use flickr through experimentation and the support tab.
2. Create a script for what you would like to comment on each slide. Here is the script for the sample video on the Maya. share your script in Edmodo for feedback from your peers.

Your script should included:

*1 specific idea that the Romans borrowed from each of the 6 categories(see other groups pages for resources)

* Who they borrowed the idea from and what they did with it.

* What did Rome do with the idea to improve upon it.

3. choose photos for your VoiceThread by searching the creative commons. Be sure to cite your sources.
4. Upload images to Voicethread and rearrange as necessary
5. record your script for each image
6. share your link on Edmodo. I will then post completed voicethreads on the class blogs.

Day 5-
1. View each other blogs and leave at least two comments on two different voicethreads. Your comments should be constructive and are moderated.